Amy Beth

May 2, 2013

Project Simplify – That Put Off Project

This week’s [Project Simplify]( assignment was to tackle “that put off project”. You know, the one that’s been hanging around on the to do list for far too long.
My project was pretty simple: put away Christmas lights. That’s right, this had been on my to do list since January.

![Christmas lights at Christmas time](

Here are the offending Christmas lights while they were in their prime. It was a clever idea I found on Pinterest to use tomato plant cages to create mini Christmas trees. The previous owners of our house just happened to leave several tomato plant cages in the yard, so it was a cheap and easy way to add some festive cheer outside.

But now it’s May. And the tomato cage trees were no longer festive and cheery. They were just a little crooked and they crowded out the flowers.

![Christmas lights in the flowers](

[Once I got my pile of cardboard taken care of in the garage,]( I was able to find some space to store the Christmas tree lights. It only took a couple minutes to bring in the trees and coil up the extension cord. I’m not sure why this project was put off as long as it was. But there you have it.

![Flower bed with flowers](

Now our flower bed only has flowers. And some weeds. But Charlie’s pretty happy about it. And I am too.

I’ve been participating in Project Simplify at [Simple Mom](

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One response to “Project Simplify – That Put Off Project”

  1. Momma Kuss says:

    Some people never take them down, so you are ahead of them!