Amy Beth



I’m Amy. Wife to Chris. Mama to Charlie and a new little one on the way. I’m a self-taught graphic designer, lover of pretty things, and maker of unrealistic to-do lists.

Here I’ll write about whatever my heart desires, although common themes include motherhood, simplifying, and creativity.


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Other Stuff About Me

  • My husband and I work together in our web design business, Better Half Studio. I make things pretty while he makes them work. If you ever need a website or logo you should look us up!

  • I love fruit dipped in chocolate. Strawberries, bananas, raspberries, whatever. So good.

  • I am not a desk person. I think much better when seated at a couch.

  • I find carrying on a conversation with most people difficult. But I am always long-winded in emails.

  • I love animals. I would probably own a small petting zoo if keeping animals alive didn’t require so much time and attention.

  • I love eating fresh healthy home-cooked meals, but I don’t love cooking them. I’m still trying to find the balanceĀ there.