Amy Beth

Gift List


If you want to get the children clothes, their sizes are as follows. Usually we are lowest on things they can wear to church. 

Charlie: He’s right in between toddler and boys clothes. Usually 5T in pants, but can wear boys 4-6 or XS in shirts. 

Poppy: Size 4T

Milo: 18 mo. 


These are suggestions based on what I think they might play with that we don’t already have. Feel free to come up with your own ideas. Santa is giving Charlie a robot. Poppy is getting some calico critters and a tea set, Milo is getting some duplo and dinosaurs. 


Charlie has the most on his list because he can talk. 

  • Marble Run¬†with elevator!
  • Legos (we will be getting him some. Others are welcome to add to the collection)
  • Sled (something smallish and lightweight, like this)¬†


  • Bows – especially matching pairs for pigtails
  • chunky ABC puzzle or something very hands on to start learning letters
  • Some kind of hands on counting toy (like this) (or this)
  • Zoo on the Loose game


No specific items, but Milo likes animals, cars, bubbles, dancing, and squealing.