Amy Beth

February 2, 2016

Poppy turns One!

You guys. My poor Poppy is already suffering from 2nd child syndrome.


Well maybe not suffering.

Anyway, her birthday is the week before Christmas. This year it also happened to be a couple of days before we left on a two week trip. While each year I’ve planned a small but fun themed party for Charlie (one, two, three), Poppy’s first birthday was decidedly less involved.


But there was a pipe cleaner crown.


A banana cream pie.


And a few presents that Charlie had a hard time leaving alone.

And of course, lots of adorable smiles.




Happy Birthday my sweet Penelope!

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2 responses to “Poppy turns One!”

  1. Tina says:

    Adorable! Happy birthday Poppy! And that pipe cleaner crown is perfect for a one year old! Great idea!

  2. Beth Laughinghouse says:

    That last picture screams , “I am the princess and I’m in charge!” Such a sweet face! Love the look she us giving her Daddy!