Amy Beth

January 22, 2016

These Days // 22

Hello friends! (Acquaintances? Complete strangers?) It’s been a few weeks. Or months. The holidays were FULL and we are just now starting to settle back down and find some space, literally and figuratively.


Here are some highlights:

Celebrating: All the things! Poppy turned one. (ONE!!) Chris also got a year older. There were also multiple celebrations of Christmas with various combinations of family members. Is it a blessing or a curse that about 3/4 of the gift giving I have to do in a year happens in the span of 3 weeks?


Traveling: a lot! This Christmas took us on the longest trip we’ve taken as a family of four. Or maybe ever. Two solid weeks of visiting family. Long, but worth it. My extended family all live quite a ways away, so we got to see many of them for the first time in years.

With my grandparents.

Clearing: out the Christmas decor. I love decorating for Christmas and the added cheer our Christmas tree brings to the living room. But I also love how much more spacious our house feels once it’s gone.

christmas lights

Building: some new habits. We’ve started off the new year trying to get some more solid routines down for our family. We are building them up slowly, but the changes we’ve made so far have been good. My favorites? Making sure I’m dressed and ready before breakfast and a toy cleanup time before dinner. Little things, but they are making certain parts of our day a lot less harried.


Recovering: from a cold that hit all of us toward the end of our trip. It made some more miserable than others, but we all seem to be mostly back to normal now. I think I need to look into some immune boosting supplements. Right now, if one person in the family gets sick, it feels like a two week process for it to pass through the whole family and make its way out the door. It would be nice to nip it in the bud a lot faster than that. Any suggestions?

I’m hopeful that the new year will bring a bit more time for blogging. I already have several post drafts in the works and even more post thoughts in my head. We shall see!

Until then!

2 responses to “These Days // 22”

  1. Tina says:

    We use Zicam like its our business! They are little tablets that dissolve in your mouth. You’re supposed to take them right when you feel a cold coming on. They have helped me earn off some colds. Not sure you can let your kiddos use them, but for adults they are a win!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Second the Zicam but I use the nasal spray. Nip it in the bud. I used to joke that we could diagnose Ethan after he gave it to me because I could describe the symptoms.