Amy Beth

October 23, 2014

These Days // 4

These days image

These days we are:

Thesedays 1021

Finding: all sorts of odd things as we try to clean out our backyard shed.

Thesedays 1021 5

Fighting: cold after cold after cold. At least it’s fun to drink chicken noodle soup from a tiny mug.

Thesedays 1021 3

Trying: dress up! It didn’t stay on for long. I guess I should just wait for my girl to come.

Thesedays 1021 4

Dealing: with a picky eater. We’re having to develop some meal time rules to keep from wasting enormous amounts of food. Surely it’s just a phase…

Thesedays 1021 1

Growing…well, just growing. It’s getting harder and harder to do things like bend over and put on shoes and feel comfortable in regular chairs. Oh well, I guess that just means we’re getting closer!

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