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March 31, 2014

March in Review

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Here’s what I learned in March:

Turning two is even more fun than turning one! Mainly because two year olds can do more. And they figure out what a party is and will remember it and talk about it for several weeks afterward.

Not eating sugar is not really very fun. Even if you come up with some fun new snacks, sometimes you still just really want a cookie.

The bracket was a brilliant invention. I generally loathe all things sports-like, but even I will root for a team that I have randomly picked to go far on my bracket, and be briefly but genuinely disappointed when someone I have randomly picked to go far bites the dust. Without the bracket I would be clueless and indifferent.

Planning for perfection means I never get anything done. But just jumping in and doing something without a grand plan means I finish some edging for a flower garden and finally get some art on the walls.

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My son is a bit of a shutterbug. I recently cleared my phone of about 200 images that he had taken. Here is a small sampling:

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For each of those images there were about 20 more that looked exactly the same.

Here’s to hoping the end of March takes winter with it. I’m ready for Spring!


As usually I’m linking up at Chatting at the Sky with a bunch of other people who have learned things in March.

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