Amy Beth

February 23, 2014

Calendar and To-Do List Printable

Every now and then I get a little overwhelmed with all the tasks and events in life that I have to keep up with. It’s as if all the “things I have to do” start swirling around in my brain at warp speed and they desperately need to be caught and pinned down so they can actually get done. But whenever I’m really feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount effort all that catching and pinning will take,  I tend to find productive ways to procrastinate. Such as designing my own calendar and to-do list planner sheets. Would it be a better use of time to actually do some of the tasks? Of course. Would my planner be as pretty? Absolutely not.


Just in case you’re more productive than me and would like some nice calendar and to-do list printables without taking the time to make them yourself, I thought I’d share mine.

These sheets are designed to be printed on a full sheet of paper and cut in half. From there you can bind them however it works for you. I use the Levenger Circa System – Junior Size, but you could also use a simple half-sheet size binder or another disk-bound system.

The calendar is blank so you can fill in the month and dates yourself, with a column on the side for notes.



The to-do list is pretty basic. Just a nice looking list of blank lines to fill up.



Just click the links below to download the printables on your own computer!

Download the two-page spread calendar here.

Download the half-sheet to-do list here.

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    The link doesn’t work anymore?