Amy Beth

February 4, 2014

Snow Day Treasure Basket

We had a snow day this week. Since I am no longer in school and don’t technically get “snow days” I now define a snow day as a day when the snow is deep enough to play in. These days can be rare in our part of the world. Often any snow we get is just a dusting. But we had a couple inches this week – just enough to play in. So, it was a snow day.

Since Charlie is not quite old enough to sled, or build a snowman, or aim his snowballs (although he does try) I wanted to give him something fun to do in the snow besides walk like a penguin in his many layers. So I made a snow day treasure basket. I’ve talked about treasure baskets before and how they are such a simple way to keep a little one occupied. This particular treasure basket was very simple. I literally threw it together as we were walking out the door.

Our Snow Day Treasure Basket contained:

  • A plastic scoop
  • a metal spoon
  • some plastic cups
  • two small paintbrushes

With these things we:

Dug around and scooped snow into the cups.

Discovered we could use the cups as a mold. Older kids would probably have a fun time building something with these cup shaped “blocks.” Charlie was more interested in crushing the blocks.

And we brushed snow off of some chairs.

Some other ideas for snow day activities include:

  • Use a variety of pans and containers to use as snow molds and see what you can build!
  • Use objects with different shapes and textures to make impressions in the snow. Cups can make rings in the snow. Cookie cutters could make all kinds of other shapes. Baskets, rakes, or any number of other household objects could make some interesting patterns.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring to do snow painting. Here’s a great example of this on Growing a Jeweled Rose.
  • Become archeologists and use your shovels and brushes to try to uncover bones (sticks) and artifacts (anything else).

Of course, no matter what fun and creative things you come up with to entertain your children, they will always find their own ways to play. Charlie’s favorite thing to do on our snow day? Drag this big stick around.

Go figure.

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