Amy Beth

September 25, 2013

Make Your Own Menu Planning Board

Meal Planning Board

I’ve long admired those cute little menu planning boards that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest. I assume that people with such boards must be super crafty and organized and have some kind of magical craft-and-organize time in their days.

But it turns out that’s not really the case because I made myself a menu planning board. It is moderately cute and I got it done in one evening after my boy was in bed and before I hit my daily wall of exhaustion. Here’s how it went down.

First I gathered up whatever random crafty materials I had lying around that looked like they could be useful.

meal planning board materials

I decided that I would just write the meals I was planning on index cards cut in half – making it super easy to add more meals to my rotation. I played around with arrangements of index cards to decide on the size of my board.

meal planning board arrangement

I decided I wanted a mosaic of different papers to add a little creative flair to the board, and I knew I wanted the board to match my red and turquoise color scheme in my kitchen, so I set about cutting up little rectangles of pretty paper that would work with that theme.


Then I laid my rectangles out in a grid on my board and glued them down.


Then I added a red border. This was just some red construction paper cut in strips and glued along the side.


From there I just hung it on the fridge with some magnets and used some paper clips to attach my meal cards to the board.


The plan is to write the meals for the week on index cards and hang them on the board. When the week is through, I’ll just take off the index cards and put them in a folder. This way I’ll slowly build up a collection of cards with the different meals we enjoy on them that can be rotated through on a regular basis. I’m hoping this will simplify the weekly task of coming up with a new list of meals to make.


Meal Planning Board in action!

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