Amy Beth

September 10, 2013

How Dreams Can Change

When I was younger my dream house looked like this:


Or this:


I have always had a thing for homes with character.

But today I was neighborhood shopping with google street view. (Surely you’ve done that too). As I clicked my way along a street not too far from where we live now, I suddenly realized that my dream home might be right there.

The street didn’t have anything fancy on it. No towers or turrets, that’s for sure. It had a few potentially cute brick bungalows, several rather dated looking ranch houses and your standard two story colonials. These were houses I would have immediately dismissed as “lacking character” just a few short years ago.

But today when I was looking down this street I saw something different. I saw a calm quiet street perfect for family walks and bike riding. I saw wide open lawns where my kids could play safely. I saw long driveways to make room for family and friends who came to visit. I saw houses that were large enough for a growing family, but small enough to keep things cozy and make sure the family had to spend some time in the same room. And that’s when I realized that my dream has changed.

A few weeks ago my sisters and I [shared our dream workspaces]( As I was reading through them I thought to myself that my dreams seemed a lot smaller than theirs. They are imagining city lofts and treetop mansions, while I just want a room with some cubbies. At first I was depressed. I figured that as the oldest sister I’ve been more influenced by reality and have lost the ability to have big dreams. I’ve settled for what I actually believe is possible, which sometimes feels like it isn’t much.

But then as I was looking at the street that might have my dream house on it, I realized my dreams haven’t really gotten smaller. They’ve just changed to better reflect what is most important to me. And it gives me great hope, because I think my new dream is showing that I’m maybe…slowly…learning to be content. Maybe I’m finally starting to recognize the insanely blessed life I am leading. I’m learning that a dream home has less to do with architectural style and curb appeal, and more to do with the life that goes on inside it. And even more to do with recognizing the beauty in that life.

I guess that’s the whole reason I started this blog, to help me pay more attention to the life I’m living. I’m starting to realize that I’ve got it pretty good.

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