Amy Beth

July 31, 2013

July in Review

I was inspired to make this post by [Emily at Chatting at the Sky]( Each month she does a little recap of the things she’s learned. They may be small and silly or big and profound, but I thought a similar post might be a nice way for me to remember all the random snippets of thought I have throughout the month.

## So here are five things I learned in July.

1. I really love making art. Like the real kind with clay and paint and big messes. I do graphic design for my job, and I love that I get to be creative and make pretty things on a regular basis, but it’s just not the same as sitting down and getting messy and mixing colors for real and maybe messing up in a way that takes more than just the click of an undo button to fix. I feel like it stretches out a part of my brain that’s usually squished to the corner. I need to stretch it out more often.
2. I am an [INTP]( This means I feel very driven to “understand”. There is no such thing as too much information and I love to think of future possibilities. It also means [I am like Einstein and Tina Fey]( – obviously. Except I’m not a super genius or very funny. But we are kindred spirits just the same.
3. I enjoy listening to [podcasts]( while I work, but I’ve found it it suitable to only certain kinds of work. Mindless physical work like folding laundry or stuffing envelopes – perfect. Visual work like searching for images or laying out a design – that’s just fine too. Anything that involves words like reading or typing – practically impossible. My brain apparently cannot process more than one word at a time.
4. Siri can understand my pre-verbal son better than she can understand me. I talk to Siri and all I get is “I’m sorry, I could not understand you.” My one year old babbles at her and she looks up contact information and searches the web for the Colorado news.
5. I really feel the need to be thorough in my life. I think things should be neat and complete before they are presented to the world. Which explains why I felt the need to come up with a fifth item on this list. Finishing at four made me feel like a slacker. I suppose this is probably something I should work on letting go of in my life…

## In other fun news from this month:

1. [My sisters and I started a new joint blog!](

2. My stitch fix review post got featured on [](! It’s a new blog started by the stitch fix people to compile reviews of their service from blogs around the web. So if my review got you interested and you want to learn a little more about it you can go to []( and get some more opinions!

3. I really feel like I need a third item on this list! Who makes a list of two things?! But I’ve got nothin’. Letting go…

So hello to August! I hope you all enjoy squeezing all you can out of the last days of summer and go back into the school year refreshed and full of vigor!