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May 4, 2013

Hooray for the Internet! – May 2, 2013

I spend a lot of my down time surfing the interwebs (question: how did the web/net metaphor get mixed with surfing? And why is this the first time I’ve noticed how that doesn’t make sense?) So each week I’m going to bring you some of my favorite parts of it.

1. [This article summarizing all the world’s advice on getting your baby to sleep is fabulous.]( It just goes to show that there is no one right way to raise a child. And that no one really knows what they are doing.

2. Did you know you can use an image to search Google? Well, apparently you can. [This post from Apartment Therapy explains how you can use this feature to find decorating inspiration that matches the style you love.]( It’s pretty cool.

3. [This post from Simple Homeschool has a great quote.]( Chris and I plan to homeschool Charlie, and I think this quote from John Holt is a good summary describing the type of parents we strive to be.
>”They have to trust [their children] as people, respect their fragile dignity, treat them with courtesy, take them seriously. They have to feel in their own hearts some of their children’s wonder, curiosity and excitement about the world.”

4. [This is such a great reminder about embracing the season you are in.]( There are so many times when I get discouraged because I feel like I should be seeing more of a harvest in my life. But the truth is that this is probably sowing season for me in a lot of areas right now. I just need to be patient and trust that the harvest will come.

5. And just for fun – it’s a cute elephant. (From [Attack of the Cute.](


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