Amy Beth

February 6, 2017

Introducing Milo James

He’s here!

After what felt like a very long wait, our little Milo is here.

I think he looks like his brother. And I hope he has his daddy’s hair. He nurses like a champ and sleeps tolerably well.

His brother and sister are very sweet with him. Charlie often comments on what a cute baby he is and likes to hold his little hand. Poppy likes to pet his head and squeeze his toes.

I’m still wrapping my head around the whole three kid thing. But one thing I do know, my life that already felt full to the brim, would suddenly feel a lot emptier now without him. Just like the others, he’s made his own special place in my heart.

November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hi! I just wanted to stop in and let you know that this week I wrote a post over on My Sister Says with some ideas for your Thanksgiving. Whether you need to know how to roast a turkey or you’re just looking for some simple ways to decorate, I’ve complied some links that I think could be useful.

Go ahead and read it now!

Also, in case you missed it on Tuesday, I announced the opening of my Etsy Shop! Right now I have a simple 2014 Calendar Printable for sale, so if you’re looking for something to hang on your fridge to keep track of your appointments for next year you should check it out. It’s currently on sale for $1! I’m still taking requests for alternate color schemes if you have anything you’d like instead of yellow and gray.

Take a look at the calendar here!

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend!