Amy Beth

September 11, 2014

These Days // 3

these days
These days we are:
discovering: that mixing two or more colors creates new colors! Usually an interesting shade of brown.



learning: how to write a response to a “Request for Proposal.”

listening: to “Happy.” It gets a little old for Chris and me, but Charlie LOVES it. We find it’s a great song to put on during clean up time.

watching: the mower guy. It’s fascinating for Charlie and stressful for Mabelle.


preparing: to host a small group potluck. Can it still be called small when you make 30+ chicken crescent pockets?

looking: forward to a vacation to Nashville for some pre-baby relaxation and a visit with my sister.

inventing: strange concoctions for dinner. Mainly out of desperation. This beef/veggie/cous cous mixture turned out to be pretty appetising, despite it’s apprearance.


Have a happy weekend!


August 24, 2014

These Days // 2

These days image

These days I am:

enjoying: a kid free weekend. My parents took Charlie to spend some time at their house, so Chris and I have had the whole weekend to ourselves. We went on one weekend trip without Charlie last year, but this is the first time we’ve spent time in our own home without him since he was born. It think it’s been a good time for everyone.

accomplishing: lots of little house projects that I never find the time to do with a toddler underfoot.

feeling: tired. It’s been a productive day!

anticipating: the arrival of our baby girl at the end of the year! We found out a few weeks ago that our life of cars and trains is going to be shaken up a bit by dolls and tea parties. We’re excited for the new adventure heading our way!

And here are some snapshots from recent days…


We brought home some girly cupcakes to share the news with Charlie. While I couldn’t tell if he was excited about having a baby sister or not, he was definitely excited about having some cupcakes.


I found a pretty moth on my way home from work one day.


Selfies with my boy


July 29, 2014

These Days

These days image

These Days I am:

watching: a lot of Modern Family, and the occasional Weird Al Video

making: a weaving! Hopefully I’ll get it finished soon so I can share it with you.

enjoying: our shady backyard. It makes the summer days a lot more enjoyable.

feeling: a lot more energetic than even a few weeks ago. Thank God for the second trimester.

thinking: that I should probably be making a grocery list right now instead of writing this…

loving: that I’m back home with my little family after almost 5 days apart!