Amy Beth

May 18, 2015

Project Life – Poppy at 4 months


I’m still working on my process of taking pictures, printing, and getting them in an a album. It’s much easier to document an event or time period right after it happens, but I just don’t always get around to it. Maybe it’s the tiny people around here clamoring for my attention.

But this was one spread that I got done in a timely manner. At 4 months poppy is showing us more of her personality each day, and I wanted to be sure to capture this time before the details got fuzzy. Journaling cards include an update from her 4 month checkup and a list of things she loves right now.


Side 2

This also happens to be my favorite spread yet in terms of layout and design. I’ve been pinning a lot of project life inspiration lately and I used this spread to try out some of the techniques I’ve seen.

Close up 1

One thing I see a lot of is printing a picture and cutting it to go in several pockets. I’ve noticed that this not only lets you include a nice big picture as a focal point, but it also opens up more possibilities in terms of layout. I included one of my favorite pictures from her 4 month photo shoot and split it up to fill one 4×6 and two 3×4 pockets.

Close up 2

Another technique I’ve seen a lot is to print square photos on a 3×4 card. It gives it a bit of a Polaroid look, provides space for a short caption, and adds some nice white space to the layout. I used several of my favorite Instagram shots from the month to fill out the right side of the spread. I really like the way it turned out and I expect I’ll use this technique a lot more in the future.

Side1 2

Side2 2

Thanks for letting me share my album! I’m finding this to be such a fun project. And I love that it results in something our family will enjoy years down the road.

P.S. Want to see more of the album so far? Here are some of the other pages I’ve done:

And if you’re into it, be sure to follow my project life board on Pinterest. There are lots of great examples out there of what you can do with this system.

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