Amy Beth

February 19, 2018

Thoughts on the Olympics so far:

  • I wonder if I would enjoy watching normal American sports (football, baseball, etc.) if the commentators explained the rules and techniques of the game as thoughouly as Olympic commentators do. And then included lots of special interest stories about the players’s arduous journeys to get to this point in their career.

  • But then again, maybe the Olympics should lay off the special interest stories a bit. Let us be surprised and delighted when someone lands thirteen thousand quads, rather than slightly let down and embarrassed for them when an athlete doesn’t do as well as expected.

  • I could not be Sean White’s mother. Mostly because he is my age (which apparently makes him OLD by Olympic standards), but also because I would suffer from constant heart palpitations. “Be careful, dear! Don’t alley-oop so high!”

  • Also, my children will not become skeleton racers.

  • Curling… what is it like to be a serious player of such a silly looking sport?