Amy Beth

October 29, 2013

October in Review

October in review

For some reason writing these month in review posts seems to make the months go by a lot faster. Maybe it’s because I’m just more aware of each month as it ends. So instead of jumping straight from summer to “Oh my gosh, it’s Christmastime!” I get to “Oh my gosh!” at each month as it passes. But despite the quickness, October was lovely. And I learned some good lessons.

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October 22, 2013

From Model Student to Aspiring Unschooler: What my success in the traditional school system taught me about its shortcomings

##A short academic biography…

I was one of those students that most people secretly hate. I got straight A’s. I scored in the top percentiles on aptitude tests. I consistently set the curve in my classes. While I worked hard, learning material and showing what I learned on assessments came easily to me so I rarely experienced any failures. I went through the traditional public school system from kindergarten to graduation and left feeling like a complete success.

**Now that I’m a mother and contemplating my own child’s future education, I’ve realized I don’t want him to have the same experience.**

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October 18, 2013

Navigating Nutrition – Grains


So several weeks ago I promised to start a series of posts comparing how different eating plans treat each food group in the hopes of finding some overarching guidelines when choosing healthy foods. Today we’ll be looking at grains. If you consider the diet of a typical American, you know that grains are often the foundation of many meals, from cereal or toast in the morning, to sandwich bread at lunch, to pasta or dinner rolls for supper, to cookies or other sweet baked goods for snacks and desserts. It’s very easy to fill up on grains. The question is whether that is good for us. So lets take a look at what the different diets recommend.

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October 7, 2013

Stuffed Acorn Squash

There’s something about fall that brings out the wannabe chef in me. I think it’s because fall seems to encourage a lot of cooking that involves combining fruits and vegetables with sugar and cinnamon. You can convince your brain that you’re having something healthy, but your tongue knows that it’s really dessert.

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