Amy Beth

April 28, 2013

Project Simplify – The Piles

It was left ignored, rising higher and higher over time. Each new layer built precariously on top of the unstable structures below. It was so dense and tightly packed that the sun could not penetrate to the earth beneath. To look at it from a distance made you marvel at the mystery of what could be inside.

[Kowloon Walled City][1] was a modern marvel of organic urban living. Not organic as in non-toxic and good for you. Organic as in it seemed to have a life of it’s own. It was built on top of an ancient Chinese fortress in Hong Kong. During the British rule of Hong Kong, it was one area that was left outside of British control. But the Chinese government didn’t enforce control on it either. So for years it fell between the cracks, ignored by all organizations and regulators. It became a haven for people with shady job descriptions, or anyone who couldn’t make it in greater Hong Kong. Rent was cheap, it is is said that it was once the most densely populated area in the world, with 3,250,000 people per square mile. In order to fit all those people in such a small space building codes were grossly violated and homes were built one on top of the other and squeezed in between existing buildings until it became one massive interconnected structure.


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April 25, 2013

May You Be as the Ostrich

For those that struggle to be content with who you are, who wish you were more talented, more daring, more charming, more productive, just….more. Be encouraged by these words:

> “The wings of the ostrich flap joyfully, though they cannot compare with the wings and feathers of the stork.
> She lays her eggs on the ground and lets them warm in the sand,
> unmindful that a foot may crush them, that some wild animal may trample them.
> She treats her young harshly, as if they were not hers; she cares not that her labor was in vain,
> for God did not endow her with wisdom or give her a share of good sense.
> Yet when she spreads her feathers to run, she laughs at horse and rider. (Job 39:13-18 NIV)

The ostrich is not beautiful, especially compared to the graceful stork.
She is not a loving, patient mother. In fact, she hardly seems to notice her children.
She isn’t wise. She doesn’t always make the most reasonable choices. She wastes time.

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April 20, 2013

Project Simplify – That Pesky Closet

I’ve been a reader of Simple Mom for quite some time and now that I finally have a blog up and running, I decided to take part in the annual Project Simplify before-and-after posting fun.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

Each week there is a different organizing or decluttering project to do around your home. It’s a way of channeling all that restless energy that’s been building up all winter. This week’s challenge was “that pesky closet.” While there are a few different closets in the house that could use a little help, I decided to focus on my closet, mainly because the challenge also happened to coincide with my church’s spring clothing drive.

So here are the before pictures. The clothes are kind of packed in there and I have some rather unsightly piles spilling out of my drawers onto the floor. Some of the things on the floor have been there for months…

![alt text]( “Title”)

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April 20, 2013

Inaugural Post

My little place called home is not exactly Pinterest worthy. It’s not a well oiled machine. It’s not all natural. It’s not super organized. It’s not super clean. Actually, take out the super; it’s not organized or clean. It’s not filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread or fresh cut flowers. It’s not undergoing any impressive changes that will warrent a “big reveal” or humming with the activity of super cute crafting.

But it’s MY little place called home. Mine to make into a happy place. A peacful place. A place that nourishes, encourages, and inspires the people inside it. It’s the place I share with my family. The place I am the most myself. It’s the place I dream my biggest dreams.

![Our Little Place]( “Our Little Place”)

Right now I’m on a journey of creating the life I want in this little place called home. I’ve been a blog follower for a while now, and I’ve spent a lot of time reading about other people’s little places, and subsequently I’ve spent a lot of time being envious of what their places are like – how organized and coordinated and healthy and creative. I’ve decided it’s about time I stopped just wishing my place was different and started doing something to make it what I want. It will require some changes both in habit and, more importantly, in attitude. This blog is the story of those changes. It’s the story of this little place called home.